The Neghorrethian Great Operator Print


After a lot of 3D printing, filing and assembling we are now able to show some good photos of the model of the Great Operator, the Flagship of the Necralchemist war fleet.

A huge floating alchemical generator, the Great Operator fuels the movement and the weapons of the other warships of the Neghorrethian fleet projecting from its mechanical tentacles the energy needed to recharge the accumulators carried by its lesser peers.

Even if its ammunitions are severely limited in number the huge Thunderbore cannon can severely cripple even the mightiest of enemy vessel due to the uncontrolled release of energy unleashed on its targets.

More details on the Neghorrethian warfleet can be found in its dedicated page and GRAVETIDES rules for the Great Operator can be downloaded from here.

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The Neghorrethian Bringer of Miasma Sculpt


The sculpt of last Nechralchemist vessel has been finalized thus completing the Neghorretian war fleet !

The Bringers hosts under their bridges alchemical mills for the creation of the Miasma Orbs, glassy spheres in which Neghorrethian sorcerers entrap lethal fumes produced burning in infernal distillers strange mixtures of mystical components which may even incorporate tiny Ambergis shards.

The bow cannon of the Bringer can lob the Miasma Orbs at great distance against enemy vessels engulfing them with the lethal fumes released on impact by the spheres.

As the production of volatile vapours carried by the Orbs take place directly on board the Necralchemists can create fumes with different effects depending on the constituents used in their creation.

The intrinsic inconstancy of the effects of magic used to create the miasmas may lead to the creation of ineffective Orbs, as a fatal mistake during their production may have destructive consequences to the Bringer itself.

As the firing range of the Bringer cannon can be unpredictable due to its pneumatic propelling system devised to prevent breaking its fragile projectiles, Orbs missing their targets may remain unbroken floating on the surface of the sea as lethal hazards for any ship unfortunate enough to collide into them.

Under extreme pressure or to change the tide of a battle, Bringers Captains may order their crew to release the Orbs in the waters on the wake of the warship plaguing the seascape with deadly weapons in the hope to stave off enemies vessels.

Read more about the Nechralchemist war fleet on the dedicated page, while the GRAVETIDES rules for the Neghorrethian war fleet can be found here.

Core GRAVETIDES rules have also been bumped up to Version 9.0 with multiple Boarding Actions rules correction and clarification and the introduction of the Oar Racking attack (also known as the ‘Diekplous’).

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The Neghorrethian Great Operator Sculpt


After the teaser of the of couple of weeks ago we are ready to reveal the final sculpt of the mighty Great Operator, the flagship of the Necralchemist war fleet of Neghorreth.

The Great Operator Admiral Ship of Neghorrethian fleet is modelled after the arcane machinery employed by the Necralchemist in the creation of their undead servants.

The aft castle of this warship consists of a gigantic alchemical generator whose energy fuels the vessel movement and is transferred to the mechanical tentacles that bloom from its four lateral gondolas.

Arcs of crackling lightning cross the coils and antennas that dominate the Operator main deck animating the vessel monstrous appendages that in turn can cast energy to the other warships of the Neghorrethian war fleet recharging their engines and powering their weapons.

The GRAVETIDES rules for the Neghorretian war fleet have been updated to include this powerful vessel.

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The Neghorrethian Bolt Barge Print


Another Neghorrethian war ship, the slender Bolt Barge, passes from the virtual to the physical world thanks to the “magic” of the 3D printing technology.

Considered to be the backbone of the Negorrethian warfleet, nearly the whole body of the Bolt Barge is traversed by a lightning rod capable of unleashing destructive energy discharges fueled by a gigantic alchemical accumulator that occupies its stern.

Under the control of a Necralchemist the energy released by the rod can manifest itself in different aspects, like a single bolt of searing power, a forked lightning cone or a burning ball of white plasma depending on the amount of power the accumulator is capable to release.

More details on the Neghorretian warfleet can be found in its dedicated page and GRAVETIDES rules for the Bolt Barge can be downloaded from here.

Stay tuned for more !

The Neghorrethian Chain Bolter Print


After experimenting some difficulties with our 3D printer (it just had to be lubricated – never underestimate simple maintenance) we have finally managed to get some print of the Chain Bolter sculpt.

The smallest vessels of the Neghorrethian war fleet, Chain Bolters can project among each other arcs of alchemical lighting creating a temporary barrier that can impede enemy manoeuvres and severely damage war ships laying on the path of those discharges of mystical energy.

Hope you like them as we do !

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GRAVETIDES Beta Rules Updated and Grimdark Wererats Warfleet Experimental Rules


As the title of this post says the GRAVETIDES Beta Rules have been updated to Version 8.2 with the addition of the rules for Area Weapons like flamethrowers or toxic fumes spreaders and of adjustments and clarifications to some of the existing rules.

The Grimdark Wererats Experimental Rules has also been added to the Grimdark Warfleets page to allow veteran commanders to try the GRAVETIDES rules with their existing fleets.

Work also continues on the new warships sculpting front.

Stay tuned !

The Neghorrethian Chain Bolter Sculpt


The smallest of the warships of the Neghorretian warfleet, the Chain Bolter employs a modified version of the battery brought in battle by the Bolt Barge allowing the vessel to both accumulate and release alchemical energy.

When navigating as a squadron Chain Bolters can cast among each other powerful lighting arcs strong enough to damage or put on fire enemy ship traversing their path.

Chain Bolters discharges of energy can reach at long distance and the accumulators can sustaining their flow long enough to create barriers of lightning that can protect friendly ships from boarding actions and impede enemy manoeuvring giving a temporary tactical advantage to the Necralchemists warfleet.

Download the Chain Bolter experimental rules from the Neghorreth Warfleet page in the GRAVETIDES Beta Rules section of the site.

Stay Tuned for more !

Grimdark Bretons Ship Cards and Experimental Rules


Ship Cards and Special Rules for the Breton vessels has been added to the Grimdark warfleets page joining the already published Imperial warships.

Again, this is to allow veteran gamers with existing collections of models for the most notorious of the fantasy naval wargame to try the GRAVETIDES Beta rules and eventually give some feedback in order to improve them.

To give the Imperials and Bretons warfleet a worthy opponent the Grimdark Wererats bizare warships will be the next to be converted to the GRAVETIDES rules.

In the meantime Stay Tuned !