Fiery (un)death


While working on the new models of the Nadvidian Frost Dead fleet we are still developing the background of Gravetides adding new realms and races and elaborating further details about the nature and workings of the magical energies of the Sinking World.

We have now added to the list of the fleets of Gravetides the warships of the Necrorealm of the Cinder Dead, also known as Gehenna, which employ the very fumes of the mystical substance burnt in their engines furnaces to fuel their devastating fiery weapons.

Hope you enjoy this new entry as we enjoyed writing it!



Just a glimpse of what we are working on before leaving for the Holidays.

The Glacier Fortress is slowly taking shape in the virtual space of the digital sculpting tool (read more about the mighty Admiral vessel of the Frost Dead of Nadvidia here).

What you are seeing is not final (we are definitely not satisfied with the look of the iceberg) and subject to change as the sculting progresses.

With the money collected with the second print of our Kickstarter Undead Fleet we are planning to acquire a 3D printer that will allow us to test the sculpts before calling them final and ready for replication.

We will keep you posted as things move forward.

Keep sailing your fleets!

And the winner is…

After restraining ourselves from entitling this post “Winter is coming”, we are now able to declare the ‘winner’ of our little pool that has taken place on this page and on our Facebook page ( ).

The fleet of the Necrorealm of Nadvidia under the command of the Frost Liches triumphed on our Facebook page (70% vs. 30% for 20 votes), gained a marginal victory on (55% vs. 45% for 30 votes) and will be the next to be sculpted and hopefully to be the subject of a future Kickstarter.

In this perspective we’ve further invested in this project acquiring this lovely item that has been delivered to us by the courier just today.

This Wacom Cintiq Pro tablet will help us create the best miniature we’ll be able to produce and (we hope) to make all process a bit easier.

Work is also apace to produce a readable beta of the Gravetides rules in order to collect some feedback and suggestions.

As you can see work has just started, keep watching this space and our Facebook page.

Thank you all!


During the last few months we have presented on this site and on our Facebook page concept sketches and background for eight warships belonging to the battle fleets of the Vampire Red Realms and to the Nadvidian Realm of the Frost Dead, just two of the many domains and races of GRAVETIDES, the grim fantasy world we are developing and that will be the backdrop of our future proposals.

It took more time than we would have liked, but Real Life™ did its best to prevent us from following the schedule we had in mind.

All the above notwithstanding we are now ready to ask for your help in deciding which of the two war fleets will be the first to see the light as actual models.

Your responses will help us not only to choose which warships will challenge our digital sculpting skills but also to have a measure of the general interest around our little project and its possible developments.

The background of many more war fleets has already been written and the GRAVETIDES rules have been subjected to a lot of changes and their continuous reworking seems to have found an actual end (would you like to read a beta?).

When the new fleet will be sculpted to a satisfactory standard we’d like to launch a new Kickstarter for its release hoping it will be a good success as it was for our first offering (thank you all again for that!).

Progresses will be reported here and on Facebook.

So please vote using the widget below this post or on the pool posted on our Facebook page ( for your ‘favorite’ war fleet choosing between the terrifying warships of the sadistic Blood Sycophants vampires or the unnaturally freezing coldness of the fleet of the Nadvidian Frost Dead.

We’ll let this pool run for while and when the trend will be clear we will know which will be the next GRAVETIDES war fleet to be sculpted.

As always, comments and suggestions are heartily welcome.

Help us create a new world!

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Which war fleet should be the first to be sculpted?
Blood Sychophants
Nadvidian Frost Dead

A floating weapon

The Hailstone Mortar is the only squadron ship of the Frost Dead war fleet, created by the Necromages of Nadividia to make up for the short range of the other magical weapons on board of the other major vessels.

When not succumbing to inaccuracies or other erratic behaviours, a small formation of Hailstone Mortars can wreck havoc among enemy fleets as not as many other foes of the GRAVETIDES world are capable of.

Ice winds of death

The new entry in the Nadvidian fleet is the highly magical Stormbarge whose movement and offensive power are directly sourced by a Frost Necromagage hosted in the very heart of this bizarre vessel.

Enemy vessels blasted by the gust of frozen air projected by the Stormbarge are violently crashed one into the other, as their crews are decimated by the freezing cold that sweeps the decks of these unfortunate warships.

Lights in the mist

The Frozen Galley is permanently engulfed by a mist that coalesce around its frost encrusted shape ending with two high bow and stern ice formations that radiate a characteristic pale light that may remain visible in the distance even trough the dense fog coils.

As the main independent warship of the Nadvidian fleet the sight of these vessels is the vanguard of the arrival of a Glacier Fortress and its accompanying swarm of lesser squadron vessels.


The Necrorealm of Nadvidia is the home of a strain of undead whose unlife is preserved by a monstrous spell, known as ‘The Frostbite’, that keeps everything within the border of the realm and beyond at freezing temperatures.

The warships of Nadvidia are in good part constructed out of pure ice preserved by the power of the Frostbite that the presence of Frost Sorcerers on board channels to fuel the movement and the weapons of the Frost Dead vessels.

Capable of turning instantly into ice the very water of the sea they navigate these pale vessels are an eerie sight capable of literally chilling the spine of even the most seasoned crews.

The final menace

The final war ship of the Blood Sycophants fleet appears on the misty horizon.

The Persecutors sail in squadrons flanking in battle the Thorns Cathedral, striking at the enemy vessels that will be assaulted by the vampire on board of the admiral vessel.

The weapons of these lethal war ships are so powerful that lesser enemy ships may even sink under the combined fire of Persecutors, much to the dismay of the vampires that see the slaughtering they were patiently craving disappear into the deep of the waters.