GRAVETIDES is a hobby project ‘with ambitions’.

We are two brothers with a long history of wargaming and modelling and with a soft spot for naval wargaming played with fantasy warships with strange powers that allow us to field in battle bizarre and greatly characterized vessel miniature models.

In the end of March 2018 we launched a Kickstarter for an undead fleet of our creation with the double intent of filling a gap in the line of models of one of the most ancient and notorious of the naval fantasy wargames and to give life to our own background and rules set in the fantasy world we have called GRAVETIDES.

Thanks to our generous pledgers the campaign was successful and both the miniatures and the bits of background and rules we published during the campaign were generally appreciated.

The success of our little homemade crowdfunding has made us both proud and happy giving us more reasons to carry on with the GRAVETIDES project to develop ideas for new fantasy fleets models and experiment with a dedicated background and wargaming rule set.

The plan is to use this site to share our progress and get feedback for anyone interested in the same matter, with the goal to launch a new Kickstarter as soon as we are satisfied with what we’ll be able to offer, be it new fleets models or rules for gaming with them.

To have a further idea of what’s passing on our minds, our Kickstarter campaign is here.

The GRAVETIDES Facebook page can be found here.

Thanks for visiting our site!