GRAVETIDES Beta Rules 10.0


After a good deal of playtesting the GRAVETIDES Beta Rules have been updated to what can be considered their actual final state.

Further modification and rule refining are still possible but V10.0 can be now considered to be the Release Candidate of our naval fantasy rules.

Rules updates are mainly relative to hit allocation with a total redesign of the Ship Cards used to track damage and vessels status with the introduction of counters in substitution of pencil and eraser, something that really speeds up the flow of the game without (we hope) losing the level of detail we deemed necessary.

Ship Cards for the GRAVETIDES Warfleets, Kavenid, Nadvidia and Neghorreth have also been updated.

Constructive feedback on every aspect of the rules (grammar and wording included!) are more then welcome.

As a final note the preparations for our next Kickstarter are nearly there.

As usual stay tuned….

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