The GRAVETIDES fantasy warships models are intended to be used with any naval fantasy wargaming rules but are accompanied by their dedicated background and rule set now available for download in its ‘beta’ version.

‘Beta’ means that basic rules are fairly complete and that preliminary play testing (mostly in solitaire sessions) has been carried out.

Corollary rules like flyers and sea monster are still to be written and Fleets Special Rules and Lists are under development.

Download the GRAVETIDES core rules archive directly below and send any comments, constructive criticisms or other observations to this site ‘Contact Us’ section.

When available rules and specific files for each of the GRAVETIDES war fleets can be reached from the links at the bottom of this page or by clicking on the navigation menu on the right.

These stats allows veteran players to try the GRAVETIDES rules using their existing models.

Please remember that these rules are just a work of love striving to be as professional as possible and that any remark (even related to language and syntax – English is NOT our mother tongue) is welcome.

Besides the content of the archive below you will need:

  • An at least 4’x4’ gaming table
  • Ship Models – These can be replaced with the rectangular counters provided
  • A seascape gaming mat – Not necessary but nice to have
  • Some Terrain Elements – Not strictly necessary to try the game but nice to have. Alternatively just use some cardboard shapes to emulate rocks and islands.
  • Differently Colored Six-Sided Dice – The more the better

GRAVETIDES Beta Rules V.10.0 – All the file neede to play GRAVETIDES. The rulebook, game counters, templates and generic warships counters and cards are all included. Check the ‘ReadMe First’ file in the archive for details.

This version of the main rules has received a good amount of playtesting and for all purposes can be considered almost final.