The Neghorrethian Bringer Of Miasma Print


The print of the last warship of the Neghorrethian fleet is finally here!

Differently from the other vessels of the Necralchemist fleet the Bringer of Miasma is powered by an internal combustion alchemical engine whose exhausts are used to propel against enemy warships glassy spheres filled with toxic or explosive fumes known as the Miasma Orbs.

The Bringer can also release its deadly Orbs directly in the waters on its wake plaguing the seascape with floating mines to hamper enemy shipping movements or to protect friendly vessels creating secure areas impenetrable to foe vessels.

More details on the Neghorrethian warfleet can be found in its dedicated page and GRAVETIDES rules for the Great Operator can be downloaded from here.

Stay tuned !

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