The Neghorrethian Great Operator Print


After a lot of 3D printing, filing and assembling we are now able to show some good photos of the model of the Great Operator, the Flagship of the Necralchemist war fleet.

A huge floating alchemical generator, the Great Operator fuels the movement and the weapons of the other warships of the Neghorrethian fleet projecting from its mechanical tentacles the energy needed to recharge the accumulators carried by its lesser peers.

Even if its ammunitions are severely limited in number the huge Thunderbore cannon can severely cripple even the mightiest of enemy vessel due to the uncontrolled release of energy unleashed on its targets.

More details on the Neghorrethian warfleet can be found in its dedicated page and GRAVETIDES rules for the Great Operator can be downloaded from here.

Stay tuned for more !

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