The Neghorrethian Bringer of Miasma Sculpt


The sculpt of last Nechralchemist vessel has been finalized thus completing the Neghorretian war fleet !

The Bringers hosts under their bridges alchemical mills for the creation of the Miasma Orbs, glassy spheres in which Neghorrethian sorcerers entrap lethal fumes produced burning in infernal distillers strange mixtures of mystical components which may even incorporate tiny Ambergis shards.

The bow cannon of the Bringer can lob the Miasma Orbs at great distance against enemy vessels engulfing them with the lethal fumes released on impact by the spheres.

As the production of volatile vapours carried by the Orbs take place directly on board the Necralchemists can create fumes with different effects depending on the constituents used in their creation.

The intrinsic inconstancy of the effects of magic used to create the miasmas may lead to the creation of ineffective Orbs, as a fatal mistake during their production may have destructive consequences to the Bringer itself.

As the firing range of the Bringer cannon can be unpredictable due to its pneumatic propelling system devised to prevent breaking its fragile projectiles, Orbs missing their targets may remain unbroken floating on the surface of the sea as lethal hazards for any ship unfortunate enough to collide into them.

Under extreme pressure or to change the tide of a battle, Bringers Captains may order their crew to release the Orbs in the waters on the wake of the warship plaguing the seascape with deadly weapons in the hope to stave off enemies vessels.

Read more about the Nechralchemist war fleet on the dedicated page, while the GRAVETIDES rules for the Neghorrethian war fleet can be found here.

Core GRAVETIDES rules have also been bumped up to Version 9.0 with multiple Boarding Actions rules correction and clarification and the introduction of the Oar Racking attack (also known as the ‘Diekplous’).

Stay Tuned!

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