After a laboured and long preparation our new Kickstarter will be live in the first days of June (the exact date will be announced as soon as available).

In the past months we’ve shared all the steps, from background writing to concept design and digital sculpt, of the new GRAVETIDES warfleets models that will be offered in this Kickstarter working at the same time in refining and testing our gaming rules and now it’s finally the time to release the results of our work.

The outcome of our first Kickstarter for our Undead Warfleet confirmed that there is interest for new and original fantasy warfleets models and gaming as also attested by the launch of a new naval ruleset by a notorious UK-based games and models producer.

We just hope that our new offering will be good enough to replicate the good success of our first foray to help us keep working on the GRAVETIDES project and be able to continue releasing new models (we already have A LOT of concepts and designs ready or in progress) and hopefully have the GRAVETIDES ruleset and their background polished enough to be released as a real game.

Stay tuned for news !

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