The Fire Necroreges of Gehenna

The warships of the Fire Necroreges Realm are ominous metal machines riddled with blackened chimes from which arcane engines belch out flames and obnoxious fumes that leave a poisonous dark wake on their trail.
The Cinder Dead tecno-magical machines that move their vessels are fueled burning a substance known as phlogiston contained in the Carbonite minerals extracted from the subterranean mines of Gehenna.

Direct consumption of Carbonite allow the Cinder Dead to maintain their state of fiery undeath manifesting itself through perpetual flames that torch one or more or their body parts as phlogiston burns their deceased husks without actually consuming them or their garments.

Not ingesting Carbonite for a long period of time will slowly reduce those ghastly flames and starving on it will ultimately cause the bodies of the Cider Dead to crumble into fine black ash.

Being sustained by phlogiston the flames emanating from the bodies of the Cinder Dead burn where normal fire cannot emitting a ghostly blue flare when blazing under heavy rain or even underwater.

Admiral Ship – The Phlogiston Dreadnought

The Phlogiston Dreadnought is a nightmarish floating monument of tubes and chimneys surrounding a gigantic gun bore known as the Mouth of Gehenna from which a bluish flame burns permanently releasing a dense cloud of dark smoke.

Into the bowels of the dreadnought swarms a small army of zombies that relentlessly fuel with Carbonite the furnace of the vessel under the control of a small group of Cinder Dead sorcerers that supervise the functioning of the vessel engines.

These lesser undead repeat mindlessly their tasks without caring for the searing heat and the toxic atmosphere in which they are constantly immersed.

When the Mouth is fired the fumes of the huge phlogiston furnace that moves the dreadnought are magically ignited and funneled through it to be violently shot at long distance in the form of gigantic fireballs.

Due to the erratic nature of the tecno-magical engines of the warship the size and the density of these flaming spheres is somehow related to the energy spent on the warship movement and how much recently the Mouth has been fired.

As a consequence the bigger the fireballs the lighter their density and less the damage they may cause on enemy ships invested by their fiery fury.

Independent Ship – The Stormquake

The Stormquake forward mounted mortar fires large spherical projectiles of white-hot Carbonite that besides their devastating impact damage can ultimately set enemy ships on fire due to their searing fieriness.

The incandescent Carbonite shells of the Stormbarge are capable of accumulating so much heat that when fired on open sea they make water to boil so violently that concentric tidal waves are instantly unleashed from the impact point running over everything on their path.

Additionally the mass of heated combustible disintegrates in contact with the sea surface projecting flaming shards of blazing embers in every direction.

Overheating these Carbonites orbs requires a great deal of energy and magical effort that takes time to accumulate into their fabric making the Stormquakes to remain stationary while preparing to fire and after their devastating weapons have been used they must lose heat before being ready to be fired again.

Due to the instability of the Carbonite while the shells are overheating the onboard Cinder Dead sorcerers must concentrate their efforts to avoid the triggering of spontaneous violent explosions that would pulverize the warships razing everything around them.

As a consequence the bigger the fireballs the lighter their density and less the damage they may cause on enemy ships invested by their fiery fury.

Squadron Ship – The Flamebelcher

Created to add support fire the Cinder Dead war fleet the Flamebelchers are small agile vessels with engines not powerful enough to generate the massive fireballs their major counterparts use as weapons.

Their bows are dominated by a protruding bulbous nozzle from which the ignited fumes of their furnaces are fired to enemy ships unfortunate enough to lay within the range of this devastating weapon.

Differently from the other Ashed Dead warships Flamebelchers can fire their weapons at will even if backfires are always possible especially when the commanding sorcerer which controls with its magic the functioning of the vessel engine has been put out of combat.