Playtesting WIP 2

Hi !

Another lock down day, another playtesting session.

Lesson learned from previous testing games (at the moment always in solitaire) have led to a complete redesign of the Ship Cards.

Pencil and eraser are gone and counters are used to record hits to the different parts of the ships or to track their status.

The new Ship Cards design also reflect new damage allocation rules that allow for a more streamlined game without renouncing to a certain level of detail allowing for different effects depending on side hit.

To allow for faster and more cinematic battles moving and firing turn phases have been unified and warships hit points values trimmed down.

All these changes will be soon incorporated into the GRAVETIDES beta rules and warfleets description making the current ones obsolete.

All is set up!
The new counters
The new Ship Cards after one Turn (Nadvidian Warfleet)
The Hailstone Mortar squadron targets the Floating Mausoleum while Bonreammers approach from their starboard side
Kavenid warfleet Ship Cards after the second Turn
The Frozen Galley rams and board the mighty Floating Mausoleum
Hailstone Mortars and Bonerammers clash into battle!

Meanwhile we are now looking into preparing our next Kickstarter with the intention to make it live before Summer.

As usual stay tuned !

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