The Frost Necroreges sail into battle and…what’s next?


The last of the Nadividian fleet warship, the deadly Frozen Galley, is finally ready, thus completing the war fleet of the Frost Necroreges of Gravetides.

Here it is a virtual shot of the Frost Necroreges fleet as a whole, where a couple of Frozen Galleys is accompanied by a Strombarge and a Hailstone Mortar squadron, all lead into battle by their Admiral Flagship, the mighty Glacier Fortress.

And now…what’s next ?

The completion of the Nadividian fleet is an important milestone for the Gravetides project, that required the investment of all the earnings of our first undead fleet Kickstarter (that were spent on a digital sculpting course and to partially finance the purchase of a digital tablet) and a sizeable commitment of our free time.

When the stars will be right (at present time we cannot commit to any real plan) our general idea is to make another Kickstarter for this fleet, but we remain open to other suggestions and possibilities.

While the sculpting progressed we worked in parallel at the development of the Gravetides wargaming rule set and the background of the same-named fantasy world in which our fleets wage battle.

The details of more than half-dozen of other fleets have been already written (a couple of them, the Vampires and the Fire Necroreges, have already been published on this site and on Facebook) and their visuals, that in turn influences their initial description and characteristic, are being sketched.

The general Gravetides background, that revolves around the ancient invasion of a parasitic ecosystem from another reality known as ‘The Defiler’ and its consequences on the work of magic, has been laid out and will be further developed as new fleets (and thus races and realms) are added to it.

As already done in the past, the next fleet to be sculpted will be chosen by a new ‘survey’ on our site and on Facebook, whose result will decide the ‘winning’ fleet.

The main body of the rule set, that has seen a lot of changes and second thoughts, is ready and has been partially play tested even if not as much as we would have liked (the current virus situation does not help).

Anyway, we think is now time to cease waiting and modify the rules publishing as soon as our free time permits a PDF of their core to give a feel of the game and to collect feedback and impressions that will help its further developments.

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Comments and suggestions are more than welcomed !

Stay tuned!

– Res In Aere

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