Frozen Galley WIP


Despite the horrible situation that has overwhelmed us all, work have continued on the Nadvidian Fleet with the last warship, the Frozen Galley, being currently worked on.

The long shape of the Frozen Galley, moved by oars and by strangely shaped sails, is interrupted by two high ice lanterns rising from its bow and stern radiating from the inside with a pale blue light.

Imbued by Frost Sorcerer with magical energy, the lanterns can project a short range cold ray that can inflict devastating losses to enemy crews as the galley ram shatters their vessel’s hull.

Aiming the light of the lanterns directly to the surface of sea waters creates ice masses that can be pushed by the same cold rays to crash against enemy warships or used as obstacles that intefere with their manuevers.

Stay tuned for the finished model.

In the meantime, wash your hands and stay safe!

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