The Bringer of Miasma


another warship joins the Neghorrethian fleet .

Besides having learned to harness lightning energy to their means, the Necralchemists are the supreme manipulators of matter, capable of creating concoctions and poisonous gasses employed as lethal weapons by one of the most dreaded vessel of their fleet.

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The Bringers hosts under their bridges alchemical mills for the creation of the Miasma Orbs, glassy spheres in which Neghorrethian sorcerers entrap lethal fumes produced burning in infernal distillers strange mixtures of mystical components which may incorporate tiny shards of rare and powerful Ambergis.

The front mortar cannon of the Bringer can lob the Orbs at great distance suffocating enemy vessels with the lethal fumes released on impact by the spheres.

Working their arts directly under the deck of the vessel, the Necralchemists can mix the concoctions used to distil the vapours enshrined in the Orbs in the most diverse ways, creating projectile with distinctive effects and tactical capabilities keeping with the impending necessities of the battle.

The intrinsic unpredictability of the magic used to create the miasmas may lead to the creation of ineffective Orbs, and a fatal mistake during their production may lead to destructive consequences on the Bringer itself.

Fired Orbs missing their targets may remain unbroken floating on the surface of the sea as a lethal hazard for any ship unfortunate enough to collide with them.

A large iris hatch opening from the bow of the Barge can release lethal Orbs on the wake of the warship plaguing the seascape with a chain of deadly obstacles to stave off enemies vessels.

The cargo bays of the Barge can store scarce quantities of the alchemical components needed to distil Orb fumes due to the bulkiness of the trappings needed for their production limiting the number of Miasma Orbs available in battle.

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