The Bolt Barge


In the wake of the mighty Great Operator a new lethal warship joins the Necralchemist war fleet.

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The backbone of the Necralchemists fleet, the Bolt Barge is a floating energy accumulator capable of discharging devastating leashes of lightning energy.

Nearly the whole body of this long flat-bottomed vessel is occupied by a gigantic metal rod directly connected by an intricacy of thick cables to the alchemical battery carried in its hold.

Under the control of a Necralchemist the energy released by the Barge can manifest itself as single bolts of searing power, forked lightning bolts or burning balls of white plasma, depending on the power released by the accumulator and on the arcane abilities of the Sorcerer.

A Great Operator navigating in proximity of a Barge can recharge its battery reaching with a lightning arc from its mechanical appendages the antenna rising from its dome, extending or boosting the vessel offensive capabilities.

When the commanding sorcerer is lost in battle leaving the crew unable to man the lighting weapon, the energy trapped into the accumulator is left without any controlling power eventually discharging onto nearby ships or directly on the barge itself.

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