During the last few months we have presented on this site and on our Facebook page concept sketches and background for eight warships belonging to the battle fleets of the Vampire Red Realms and to the Nadvidian Realm of the Frost Dead, just two of the many domains and races of GRAVETIDES, the grim fantasy world we are developing and that will be the backdrop of our future proposals.

It took more time than we would have liked, but Real Life™ did its best to prevent us from following the schedule we had in mind.

All the above notwithstanding we are now ready to ask for your help in deciding which of the two war fleets will be the first to see the light as actual models.

Your responses will help us not only to choose which warships will challenge our digital sculpting skills but also to have a measure of the general interest around our little project and its possible developments.

The background of many more war fleets has already been written and the GRAVETIDES rules have been subjected to a lot of changes and their continuous reworking seems to have found an actual end (would you like to read a beta?).

When the new fleet will be sculpted to a satisfactory standard we’d like to launch a new Kickstarter for its release hoping it will be a good success as it was for our first offering (thank you all again for that!).

Progresses will be reported here and on Facebook.

So please vote using the widget below this post or on the pool posted on our Facebook page ( for your ‘favorite’ war fleet choosing between the terrifying warships of the sadistic Blood Sycophants vampires or the unnaturally freezing coldness of the fleet of the Nadvidian Frost Dead.

We’ll let this pool run for while and when the trend will be clear we will know which will be the next GRAVETIDES war fleet to be sculpted.

As always, comments and suggestions are heartily welcome.

Help us create a new world!

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