And the winner is…

After restraining ourselves from entitling this post “Winter is coming”, we are now able to declare the ‘winner’ of our little pool that has taken place on this page and on our Facebook page ( ).

The fleet of the Necrorealm of Nadvidia under the command of the Frost Liches triumphed on our Facebook page (70% vs. 30% for 20 votes), gained a marginal victory on (55% vs. 45% for 30 votes) and will be the next to be sculpted and hopefully to be the subject of a future Kickstarter.

In this perspective we’ve further invested in this project acquiring this lovely item that has been delivered to us by the courier just today.

This Wacom Cintiq Pro tablet will help us create the best miniature we’ll be able to produce and (we hope) to make all process a bit easier.

Work is also apace to produce a readable beta of the Gravetides rules in order to collect some feedback and suggestions.

As you can see work has just started, keep watching this space and our Facebook page.

Thank you all!

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