The Neghorrethian Great Operator Sculpt


After the teaser of the of couple of weeks ago we are ready to reveal the final sculpt of the mighty Great Operator, the flagship of the Necralchemist war fleet of Neghorreth.

The Great Operator Admiral Ship of Neghorrethian fleet is modelled after the arcane machinery employed by the Necralchemist in the creation of their undead servants.

The aft castle of this warship consists of a gigantic alchemical generator whose energy fuels the vessel movement and is transferred to the mechanical tentacles that bloom from its four lateral gondolas.

Arcs of crackling lightning cross the coils and antennas that dominate the Operator main deck animating the vessel monstrous appendages that in turn can cast energy to the other warships of the Neghorrethian war fleet recharging their engines and powering their weapons.

The GRAVETIDES rules for the Neghorretian war fleet have been updated to include this powerful vessel.

Stay tuned for more !

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