The Neghorrethian Chain Bolter Sculpt


The smallest of the warships of the Neghorretian warfleet, the Chain Bolter employs a modified version of the battery brought in battle by the Bolt Barge allowing the vessel to both accumulate and release alchemical energy.

When navigating as a squadron Chain Bolters can cast among each other powerful lighting arcs strong enough to damage or put on fire enemy ship traversing their path.

Chain Bolters discharges of energy can reach at long distance and the accumulators can sustaining their flow long enough to create barriers of lightning that can protect friendly ships from boarding actions and impede enemy manoeuvring giving a temporary tactical advantage to the Necralchemists warfleet.

Download the Chain Bolter experimental rules from the Neghorreth Warfleet page in the GRAVETIDES Beta Rules section of the site.

Stay Tuned for more !

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