The Neghorretian Bolt Barge Sculpt


While back in lockdown and thus unable to carry on with a new Kickstarter for the Nadvidian Frost Necroreges fleet we are starting to dedicate our free time with sculpting the vessels from another of the undead warfleet of GRAVETIDES, the Necroalchemical Realm of Neghorreth.

The warships of the Neghorretian fleet are complex mechanical feats propelled by lightning energy and alchemical mixtures also employed to power the deadly weapons of its vessels.

While the lethal discharges of these offensive means can easily raze enemy ships and decimate their crew, its flow is kept under control by the commanding Necralchemist to prevent it from interacting erratically with nearby vessels or deviate its path in unwanted directions.

The backbone of the warfleet of Neghorreth is the Bolt Barge a vessel build around a powerful and versatile alchemical weapon capable of giving to the Necralchemist warfleet a tactical advantage unequalled by enemy fleets.

Download the Bolt Barge experimental rules from the Neghorreth Warfleet page in the GRAVETIDES Beta Rules section of the site.

Stay Tuned for more !

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