Kavenid Warfleet Experimental Rules


The first draft of the Kavenid Warfleet experimental rules to be used with the GRAVETIDES Beta rules is complete!

The rules describe the vessel of Kavenid, one of the first of the ancient realms of GRAVETIDES to turn itself into a Necrorealm to escape from the unrelenting Defiler assimilation.

Kavenidian admirals are hosted on mighty Drifting Mausoleums, vessels created out of the carcasses of giant abyssal fishes or other marine creatures and fueled by the magical energy of the captured phylacteries of enemy Liches.

Drifting Mausoelum are accompanied in battle by the ghostly Corpeships, revenant vessels composed by the debries of sunk warships held together by the souls of the sailors of their former crews.

Squadrons of bizzarre Bonerammers and sailing Dreadships with their complementary offensive abilities round up the Kavenidian warfleet.

The models of the four Kavenidian warships were the subject of our Kickstarter and the Ship Cards collecting their gaming stats are included with the rules.

Download the Kavenid experimental rules, the main GRAVETIDES rules and all is need to try the game from our Beta Rules page.

On the subject of the general GRAVETIDES project we hope to launch a new Kickstarter for the models of the Nadvidian warfleet and be able to work with more continuity on producing other fleets models and producing a final version of the main rules and of at least a couple of factions.

In the next post we will try to offer stats and rules for using fleets from the most venerale of the naval fantasy wargames in order to allow existing players to try the GRAVETIDES rules and possibly collect valuable feedback from experienced gamers.

As usual, stay tuned !

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