Sorry for taking so long to make a new post but the 3D printing of the last Nadvidian ship, the Frozen Galley, is taking much more than planned to be produced.

Even while struggling with this last model, work on the GRAVETIDES Rules has continued and we have now managed to finalise what we consider to be a publishable set of Beta Rules.

“Beta” means that the main body of the rules, after many many adjustments, has been written and that preliminary play testing, mainly in solitary game sessions, has been carried out.

Much work is still to be done on Fleet Lists (composition, Points Costs, etc.), Spell Lists and corollary rules like flyers and sea monsters.

Updates to the main rules and details (such as Ship Cards and Special Rules) about specific GRAVETIDES fleets will will be published as they become available.

If interested please have a read of the rules or even better give them a try (we have included in the zip everything that is needed) and direct any comments, suggestions and constructive criticism in the comments or to our Facebook page (

We’ll be “on holidays” throughout August to be back working on GRAVETIDES to complete the models of the Frost Necroreges fleet and to publish new posts during the first half of September.

In the meantime….best Summer Holidays!!

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