The Chain Bolter

The Alchemical Necroreges fleet is now complete!

From the center of the metal dome dominating the deck of these small warships rises a diminutive version of the gigantic lightning rod around which Bolt Barges are constructed.

Navigating as a squadron the Chain Bolters can stretch among them lighting arcs powerful enough to damage or put on fire enemy ship traversing their path.

The Chain Bolters rods can discharge their energy at a long distance sustaining its flow for a time long enough to give a temporary tactical advantage to the war fleet of the Necralchemists.

Due to the limited charge stored by their accumulators Chain Bolters are usually deployed in proximity of a Great Operator to be recharged and continue to navigate and fire their weapons.

Besides the necessity of Chain Bolters to act together, akin to other Neghorrethian vessels their main weakness is the possible loss of the Necralchemist controlling their releases of the energy turning these vessels into useless hindrances for the rest of the fleet.

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