A sunk iceberg…


As previously anticipated we’ve finally managed to get the sculpting of the Glacier Fortress, the Admiral ship of the Nadvidian fleet, printed thanks to the assistance our friends at SignS.

Unfortunately not everything went as we wanted…

The files containing the pieces of the Fortress were first passed into a slicing software which added the needed printing supports.

The first file was then fed to the printer, with wonderful results (the photos really don’t give any justice) !

After this the printing of the other pieces started only to stop abruptly due to an error in the geometry of the iceberg, giving us an incomplete base and truncated spires.

So it’s now back to the tablet as we have to resculpt the iceberg with a clean geometry in order to get it printed correctly.

This was a bit of a letdown as we were really excited to finally see the Glacier Fortress as a real model, but as Master Joda said ” Yes, failure most of all. The greatest teacher, failure is”.

We’ll be back as soon as the finished Glacier Fortress will be with us.

In the meantime work on the next Nadvidian warship has begun…

Stay tuned!!

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