The Fortress is ready to sail


We’ve finally accomplished to finalize the sculpting of the Glacier Fortess model in all its icy mightiness.

We must confess to be really excited to see our ideas and designs finally rendered in the tridimensional space.

It is now time to print the model and see if our digital sculting comes out as expected once transformed into an actual resin object by the marvels of modern technology.

As our first digital sculpt (the Undead fleet of the Kickstarter had been crafted by hand) the Fortress has been a long but fruitful experience that has allowed us to test and refine our skills in preparation of the creation of next models of the Nadvidian fleet.

We hope to be able to show something new very soon despite the limited time we are able to devote to the GRAVETIDES project.

On a side note, work on the GRAVETIDES rules continues as their design mutate as new ideas emerge and horrible mistakes are realized.

Keep watching this space!

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