I never drink…wine

We’re finally back to posting after a long hiatus with the first concepts for the fleet of the Blood Sycophants, the vampires of the GRAVETIDES world.

The aggressive nature of this bloodthirsty monsters is reflected by their warships built to serve as floating platforms for small armies ready to engage the enemy in violent boarding actions in which the vampires excel for ferocity and swift execution.

The Admiral Sycophants flagship, known as ‘The Thorns Cathedral’ for the spiked branches (a recurrent theme in the vampire culture) that adorns its hull, brings in battle the biggest boarding bridge ever devised, capable of grappling even the biggest enemy ships.

‘The Tormentor’, another assault ship of smaller proportions, carries one of the most powerful magic item devised by the Sycophants, an icon of suffering and bloodletting whose creation has costed the life of innumerable enemies.

We hope you enjoy this new entry, and please, do not refrain from posting comments, suggestions and constructive criticisms, they are essential to understand if we are pressing the right buttons!

Other warships of the Blood Sycophants fleet and the flyers that complements it are in development and will follow in a future post.

Keep sailing your fleets!

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