That is not dead…


Just a quick post to let you know that, yes, we are still alive and work of the GRAVETIDES project is actually continuing.

In these few months concepts for new  fleets have been drafted, rules have been further developed (just a few hours of play testing can change a lot) and some ship designs have been sketched, but work overload on our everyday jobs and attending the digital sculpting course have drained almost all our time preventing us to prepare something we really thought to be worth to show you.

No obstacles notwithstanding we expect to be able to do some proper posts in the course of the next month taking firstly a look at the warships of the Blood Sycophants, the sadistic vampires of the GRAVETIDES world.

In the meantime we wish you the very best for the Holidays of this last tract of  2018 that we will certainly remember for being the one in which our first Kickstarter (we are saying ‘first’ because we do hope to make some more) allowed us to let know our work beyond the four walls of our playroom reaching you all “in the wild”.

Keep watching this space!

Happy New Year and keep sailing your fleets !

Res In Aere

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