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Welcome to the first post of the GRAVETIDES blog!

This site has been created to be both a development diary and a feedback collector for GRAVETIDES, a hobby project about wargaming with fantasy model ships that has kept us entertained for a long time and that we are now trying to evolve into something more.

After a successful Kickstarter for our first war fleet, an interpretation of the undead fleet that was lost in action in the range of the most famous naval fantasy wargame of all times, we are now trying to invest this positive result to further develop our project, creating new fleets and finalizing a first draft of the wargaming rules that accompanies them.

First of all a slice of the earnings of the Kickstarter have already been invested in an advanced digital sculpting course (ZBrush) that will hopefully allow us to be faster in creating better miniatures.

Our undead fleet was entirely sculpted by hand in the ‘old school’ spirit that permeates our project with results that our pledgers and other people around the web had seemed to appreciate.

Said that, we have realized that to be more productive we need to go digital, acquiring a skill that we have always wanted to learn, thanks to the generosity of our pledgers who we will never be able to thank enough.

The ZBursh course have already started and it will finish by the end of January giving us time to push forward ideas for new fleets and to have a go at rules playtesting.

The plan is to publish on this site descriptions, sketches and other stuff like background and narratives on new warships and fleets and to disclose snippets of our GRAVETIDES rules, with the intention of both spreading our work and gathering comments and hints from people out there interested in what we’re doing.

The final target is to launch a new Kickstarter in the course of the 2019 with the offerings we will anticipate here.

As we are just two enthusiastic guys trying to push our passion ‘beyond’, we are unable to (now) have a reliable schedule but we will be doing all our best to make GRAVETIDES a continuing project that other hobby enthusiasts may appreciate.

So have a look a the site, read about GRAVETIDES, its dying world and the warships that roam its haunted seas, and leave your comments and impressions.

Hope to see you here again soon!

Res In Aere

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